InverkeithingInverkeithing is a Royal Burgh and was granted a Royal Charter way back in 1139 by William the Lion and therefore is one of the oldest Royal Burghs in Scotland (although there are 15 Royal Burghs in Fife alone).

Royal Burghs were granted righInverkeithing Crossts by the king to enable them to carry out commercial transactions. As you pass along the High Street look out for the Mercat Cross on the right, dating from around 1400– a visible sign of the town’s Royal Burgh status.

Inverkeithing museum can be found at the top of Hope St just on the right hand side at the top of tInverkeithing Museumhe hill. It was initially built as a guesthouse for the Franciscan convent founded in the 14th century and remodelled as a town house after the Reformation.

The small gallery within the museum shows local photographs and paintings – it also has a pleasant garden at the back with lovely views back towards the bridges.

From Inverkeithing the Fife Coastal Path heads towards Dalgety Bay and on to Aberdour with its ancient castle. The route then follows the railway along the shore to Burntisland.



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